touch pad pencil

finally a replacement for your finger! use on your laptop or PDA touch pad

they say the pen is mightier than the sword, so by extension it’s safe to assume the pencil is mightier than the finger. make you and your smartphone look even smarter with a suck uk pencil stylus.

a chunky retro pencil shape makes it easy to hold and easy to use on smartphones and other devices with touchscreen technology. it’s the most stylish stylus money can buy!

made of special silicone that mimics the natural conductive qualities of the human fingers. perfect for all those moments when you hands are dirty, too lazy to take off your mittens, or you just want to look cool!

4.5" long

watch the touch pad pencil in action!

$ 12.00

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touch pad pencil
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touch pad pencil

touch pad pencil

touch pad pencil

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