part wallpaper, part art, the wallter wall applications go boldly and texturally where conventional wall décor falls flat. you define the design, and color.

circles come nestled in a pack of 8 slightly irregular shapes. applied in a line, bunched, or in any pattern that you please. these look great on a door or on a small space. spread out the shapes in a random pattern to create an overall look. place on the ceiling!

for easy, no fuss installation these lightweight pieces have a peel-away 3M adhesive backing. the applications can be applied to almost any interior wall or door. we really recommend that you spray paint the applications using American Accents by Rust-Oleum. they have lots of great designer colors, it’s the easiest to apply and the finish is always perfect!

the circles are 1/2 inch deep, wood based, and primed ready for painting, easiest to spray paint or can be brushed with an interior latex.

consider your design before you order—many examples require 2 or more sets.

small : set of 8 graduating size from 2.5” to 6” diameter
large : set of 8 graduating size from 6.75” to 10” diameter

Delivery time : 2-4 weeks

$ 42.00

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